Lady at pump with CellFuell app

Pay at the pump with CellFuel

CellFuel is a service allowing customers a secure and inexpensive means to purchase fuel using their mobile phone anywhere in the world. Purchases are charged to a designated bank account or credit card.

How it Works

Using the CellFuel App is quick and easy.


Select from the available products at a participating location.

Screenshot list of CellFuell locations

You will be prompted to enter your phone number and your PIN.

Screenshot of phone number prompt

Enter the verification code you receive by text to authorize the transaction.

Screenshot of verification prompt

Once confirmed, press the button to activate the pump.

Screenshot of active pump

Upon completion, you will receive a receipt by email for your records.

Screenshot of completion screen

Customer Benefits

More Secure

  • Eliminates the need to carry a credit card or the potential for your card to be scammed.
  • Transactions only authorized by your cell phone after confirming your number and pin.
  • Less touching the pump reduces the transmission of bacteria or viruses.

More Convenient

  • All receipts sent by email.
  • Use anywhere in the world CellFuel is accepted.
  • Allows participating merchants to provide fuel discounts.

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Merchant Benefits

Offer your customers the convenience and security of CellFuel. It's cost effective and easy to install. The money you save on credit card fees can be used to offer customer incentives and discounts.

  • No new equipment required if your point of sales system is compatible and connects to the internet.
  • You may not need to add equipment or become EMV chip card compliant.
  • Use existing pumps/dispensers with or without card readers.
  • Convert to self-service aviation or marine fueling with minimal new equipment.
  • Customer receipts sent by email. Dashboard provides fuel levels and compares CellFuel sales.
  • CellFuel is less expensive than accepting credit cards.
  • Sales proceeds are wired to your checking account.
  • Daily transaction reports are sent to you by email.
  • Operate the same as you have been but with CellFuel.
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U-Fuel I-94 Mart
200 Frontier Plaza, I-94 Exit 52,
Elk Mound, WI 54739

Unleaded, Mid Grade, Premium (No Alcohol)

Discounts per gallon:
$0.10 ACH, $0.05 credit card


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